The Coach

Professor Andrew Norris is the Head Coach and founder of Southampton Epee Club.

Andrew Norris

  • Three weapon Fencing Master (Maitre d'Armes)
  • Vice-President of the British Academy of Fencing
  • Full-time professional fencing coach
  • Coach educator
  • Hampshire Fencing Union committee member
  • Referee
  • Active competitor
  • In 2012, the year the Olympic Games came to London, Andrew founded Southampton Epee Club with the goal of bringing fencing, one of the original sports of the modern Games, to the people of Southampton and the surrounding area.

    Andrew runs fencing classes and training sessions for both children and adults in and around Southampton. He also coaches at a number of schools in the local area. Andrew is also available to give private lessons outside the club for foil and sabre fencers as well as epeeists.